Did You Buy A Home Without A Proper Deed?

If you purchased a home from a seller who lied about the status of the home's deed, you may wonder if you should contact a real estate lawyer soon. If the seller didn't legally own the home you purchased from them, you may want to consult a real estate lawyer about it. A lawyer may be able to file a real estate claim on your behalf. Learn more about your situation and what you can do about it below.

What Are Deeds?

Every individual who sells a home or a piece of real estate must possess the deed, or warranty deed, for the property. A deed is a legal document that states ownership of a home or property. Deeds allow sellers to legally transfer ownership of a home or a property to someone else, such as an investor or a new homeowner. Although many sellers own the homes or properties they sell, some sellers don't. 

Deeds show or reveal several things about a home or a property, including a description of the home or property. Deeds also show the name of a home or a property's original owner. The name on the deed must match the name of the individual selling the home or property. If the deed doesn't contain the proper name, it may not be legal. 

Deeds are also filed with the state. The state keeps a record of a home or a property's previous owners, selling prices, and tax records. If you can't verify any of the information for the deed with your state, then the deed may not be legal.

If you need help bringing a claim against the seller, contact a real estate lawyer.

What Is the Next Step for You?

A real estate lawyer can complete a deed and/or title check on the home or property you purchased from the seller. The search won't only reveal the information above, it may also reveal the real name of the home or property. The individual may not know that someone illegally sold their home or property.

If a lawyer does find problems with the deed, they'll file a real estate claim against the seller. An attorney may ask the court to return your money as well as compensate you for any expenses you may have incurred because of the fraudulent sale. You must speak to a real estate attorney immediately for more information about the claim process.

Learn more about deeds by contacting a real estate law firm.