What is Border Control?

Job Training And Education Opportunities For Injury Lifestyle Transition

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When your legal opponent agrees to a settlement during your injury case, the legal battle isn’t over. You need to assess the usefulness of the settlement against the upcoming costs in your life. Work performance, future career prospects and surprise medical costs as a result of the injury could make any finite amount of money a bad deal for you. As you work through the settlement process, consider a few life-changing negotiations that could enhance your way of living in the future. Job Training And College Tuition For Safeguarding Your...

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Three Things That Television Crime Shows Get Wrong Every Time

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Most people get their knowledge of the criminal justice system from television. They learn they have the right to remain silent and that they have a right to an attorney. However, people should never forget that television shows exist as entertainment, not to inform the public. So, when needed, the producers engage in dramatic license. Not everything seen on the screen happens that way in real life. Here are the top three things that television crime shows get wrong: 1. Witnesses Narrate Their Stories on the Stand This is the most...

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3 Things To Know About Child Support Payments

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If you are ending a marriage and there is a child involved, you may need to pay child support. This is the amount that is set by the court and can’t be changed without the consent of the judge. This is to make certain the child is well provided for, despite the fact that the parents are getting divorced. Knowing certain facts about paying child support and how the amount is calculated may prepare you, if you are in this situation. Determining Child Support The judge is responsible for setting the amount of child support that must be...

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