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Filed A Car Insurance Claim? Two Tips To Ensure That It Is Approved

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If you’ve recently filed a car accident claim with your insurance, you may think that it’s as simple as putting in the claim and waiting to receive payment.  However, the process isn’t always as cut-and-dried as this.  Insurance companies are always on high alert for the possibility that an insured may be filing a fraudulent claim or not giving all of the necessary information.  That’s why it’s important for you to take steps to make sure that your claim is approved.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to increase the chances of your claim being paid for. Don’t Incriminate Yourself Online The first thing you should do when you’re looking to avoid getting that dreaded decline letter in the mail is watch your online behavior.  Although you may think that you can say anything you want to in the virtual world, this is simply not the case.  Something that you innocently post on social media could come back to haunt you. For example, you may have filed a claim stating that you hit a deer and the front end of your car is completely ruined.  You also make a claim for medical injuries, stating that you cannot walk and that you’re bedridden.  However, the day after filing the claim, you post a picture of yourself ice skating with friends or dancing at a bar or club.  This negates your claims of physical injury or at the very least casts a shadow on them because you’re doing something that is in direct opposition to what you said you were able to do. Insurance companies work with skilled investigators who regularly police the social media accounts of claimants.  That’s why you should always be as honest as possible when filing a claim and avoid putting anything online that could make insurers think that you are attempting to commit fraud. Make Sure All Drivers Are Listed The next thing you want to do is make sure that anyone who drives your car on a regular basis is included on your policy.  This is a preventative measure that can be a godsend when you need financial restitution the most. If you’re living in the house with a partner and they use your car to commute to work, add them to the policy.  Your premium may go up a bit, but it will be worth it if they get into an accident and the insurance company covers it. You have what it takes to ensure a smooth claims process from beginning to end.  Start using these tips right away so you can get your auto claims covered when the unexpected...

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Assaulted By A Ride-Sharing Driver? This Is What You Should Know

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If you entrust your safety to a ride-sharing service, how do you really know who is driving you? The popularity of ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber showed that they definitely found a market that had a demand for services—but the business models of companies like these don’t require much investigation into the background of their drivers. Drivers are hired with little to no vetting process and that exposes riders to all sorts of dangers. If you’re assaulted by your ride-sharing driver, is the company responsible? Here’s what you should know. There are laws that protect consumers from the intentional actions of employees. The legal theory of respondeat superior makes employers legally responsible for the actions of their employees committed within the scope of their employment—even if those actions were intentionally wrong. This helps put a greater responsibility on companies to make sure that the employees they hire are responsible and safe. However, there are legal questions about whether or not ride-sharing drivers are employees. The question for many courts, however, is whether or not the ride-sharing drivers are actually employees or independent contractors, as the ride-sharing companies claim. The definition of an independent contractor is highly restrictive, and there have already been lawsuits that have sought to define ride-sharing drivers as employees. While it still remains to be seen how the situation will play out throughout the U.S., Uber drivers in at least one state—California—have been reclassified as employees based on the amount of control the company exerts over its driver’s schedules and work activity. In practical terms, that means that if you are assaulted by an Uber driver in California while he or she is on the clock, you probably have a good case for holding Uber responsible for the actions of its employee, but the results in other states may not be so clear. The reality is that the legal liability of each ride-sharing company is probably going to be tested in the upcoming months and years as incidents occur and lawsuits are filed. Some precedent-setting lawsuits may end up being filed in Michigan. Two incidents involving Uber drivers have recently occurred in the state of Michigan that may bring clarity to the situation if the victims try to seek compensation from the ride-sharing giant. In Detroit, an Uber driver stabbed a passenger he felt had “disrespected” his car. In Kalamazoo, an Uber driver was picking up and dropping off fares in between shooting victims in what police have described as a “rampage” that left six people dead and two more wounded. While it’s too early to tell how things may eventually settle out, legally, any lawsuits would likely test the boundaries of ride-sharing companies (Uber’s, at least) for the actions of their riders, and they could set precedents that could then be used in other states. If you’re injured or assaulted by a ride-sharing driver, seek an attorney’s advice. If you’re purposefully injured or assaulted by a ride-sharing driver, you need to seek an attorney’s advice. Because the legal landscape of laws is rapidly shifting where ride-sharing is concerned, there may or may not be a precedent in your state to work with—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a lawsuit. With any new service or enterprise that hits the market, there’s usually a period...

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Application Errors That Could Cause You to Be Denied Social Security Benefits

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Applying for social security benefits can be complicated and require a considerable investment of time. As such, it’s important to do things correctly so that you’ll eventually be able to reap the rewards of your efforts.  There are many potential application errors that could cause your application for social security benefits to be denied. The following are five potential errors you should make sure you avoid when applying so that you get the best possible results: Trying to do everything yourself without hiring a lawyer When you apply for disability, you’re going up against the Social Security Administration. You need to know how to communicate with this government agency and navigate the complexities of disability law to be successful. The most efficient way to handle your application is to work with a lawyer who is experienced with social security disability.  Not having your lawyer review your doctor’s statement Remember that your doctor is a medical professional with no legal experience. Your doctor probably doesn’t know how to best formulate a statement for social security disability approval. Have your lawyer look over your doctor’s statement before you submit your application. Your lawyer can give pointers on what types of information and statements your doctor should be giving to best support your claim.  After you’ve talked your doctor’s statement over with your lawyer, you can go back to your doctor for any necessary revisions if necessary.  Leaving out details of your work history You want to make sure you include any and all details about your work history. Leaving out any details—even details that seem inconsequential to you—could come back to bite you in the long run.  If your memory has faded about particular details regarding your work history, look things up to make sure that you’re as accurate and detailed as possible.  Not following up with an appeal An initial application for disability is likely to be denied. Only 36 percent of all initial claims are approved. You need to follow up with an appeal if your initial application is denied rather than being discouraged and giving up.  Not preparing for interviews in advance You’re probably going to have to sit through an interview with a representative from the Social Security Administration as part of your application. You should prepare for this interview in advance so you answer all the questions thoroughly and appropriately. Ask your lawyer to go over a mock interview with you so that you know what to expect beforehand. There are many obstacles you may come across in your application for social security disability. Talk to a lawyer like Bruce K Billman to assist you in the...

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Stress and Strain: Filing a Stress-Related Workers Comp Claim

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Many workplaces have become busier but have not hired more workers to keep up with the onslaught of work. If this has happened at your workplace, and you have had to do more work and work more hours, stress and anxiety are common problems that can occur. Unfortunately when this continues long term, you may find that you are physically and mentally affected by the amount of stress. In some states, this will allow you a workers compensation claim. Here is some evidence that you will need to gather if you are going to file a workers comp claim due to stress-related problems.  Go to see a doctor and a psychologist If you are having physical and mental issues due to stress, you will need to see your general practitioner as well as a psychologist. Your general doctor will be able to write up if your blood pressure is too high and if you are experiencing any other stress-related problems. A psychologist or a counselor will be able to speak to your mental condition. If one or both has deteriorated due to the high stress going on a work, this is support for your workers compensation claim.  Proof of overworking or work changes Though may people see working longer hours as a good thing, working too many hours can put you under strain. To help with a workers compensation claim, your workers compensation attorney will need to have proof that the amount of time and the amount of work that you are doing in your workplace has changed. If you normally handle a certain amount of accounts or if you normally work certain hours, you will need to show proof of your prior work versus the current workload. This will show the legitimacy of your claim.  Show what you are out physically  For most workers compensation claims, you must be hurt and unable to work or have an issue that bars you from the workplace. Stress-related illnesses can be included in this claim, as long as you can show just how you are affected. If you have been nauseous as a result of your overworking or if you have developed anxiety that causes attacks, these are things that will hold you up from performing your job. As long as these problems were developed on or because of the job, you will be able to file for a workers compensation claim due to work related...

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Workers’ Compensation Questions People Might Benefit From Having Answered

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There are few events that have the potential to cause more financial harm than being injured while on the job. Luckily, the majority of workers are legally required to be protected by workers’ compensation insurance policies. As a result, this is a topic that it may be wise to have a thorough understanding about. How Long Do You Have To File Your Claim? There is a legal limit to the amount of time that can pass before you are no longer allowed to file a worker’s compensation claim. However, this time can vary greatly in each state. Regardless of the legal limit for filing a claim, you should always report workplace injuries as soon as they occur. This should be done even when you do not believe that you will need medical treatment. By taking the time to ensure that your injuries are documented, you can greatly strengthen your case in the event the insurance company attempted to deny your claim. Is It Really Necessary To Retain A Workers’ Compensation Attorney? In many instances, you will find that a worker’s compensation claim is a fairly standard procedure that results in your claim being processed and approved fairly quickly. However, there can be instances where complications arise. Often, these will stem from the insurance company denying the claim for dubious reasons. If you find that you are encountering resistance, you will want to retain an attorney as soon as possible. These professionals will be able to help you navigate potential trickery from the insurance company, and they can make sure that you take advantage of any legal tools or strategies to help ensure your claim gets approved. What Can Happen If You Find Your Employer Did Not Have An Active Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy? In some situations, you may find that your employer did not have active workers’ compensation insurance at the time of your accident despite legal regulations mandating it. If you are unfortunate enough to experience this situation, you and your attorney should notify the local government body that regulates workers’ compensation violations. These bodies have the power to discipline businesses that violate this mandate by issuing steep fines or potentially forcing the business to close. Furthermore, you may find it necessary to file a lawsuit against the employer to recover the full damages you are entitled. Filing a lawsuit against your employer might seem like a drastic action for you to take, but it might be the only way to force the business to pay for the cost of your medical treatments. To learn more, contact a company like Walz Law...

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3 Ways To Help Your Child Deal With The Wrongful Death Of Their Parent

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If your spouse just died due to what you consider a wrongful death situation, and you have children, your children are going to have to cope with the passing of their parent as well as the situation surrounding their death. Here are three ways you can support your child as they go through the grieving process and accept the wrongful death of their parent. #1 Tell Your Child The Truth The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you tell your child the truth. Do not sugar coat it or use vague words; this can confuse young children and can be frustrating for older children. Tell your children that their other parent has died or been killed; use wording that shows that what has happened is permanent. Do not use vague phrases such as “they went away” or “will not be around.” Being specific and direct will help your child accept their parent’s death. You don’t have to tell your child all the details of their parent’s death, especially if it was gruesome or really painful. However, you shouldn’t hide information either. You should let them know what happened and you should answer any questions that they have truthfully. For example, if your spouse was killed during a workplace accident, tell your child that their other parent has died because of an accident that happened at work. If your child asks how the accident happened, tell them. If they ask if their parent was in pain, answer truthfully. Answering your child’s questions truthfully will help your child increase their trust in you and fully understand what happened to their other parent. #3 Understand Grieving Takes Many Forms Do not be shocked if your child doesn’t cry or act sad right away. Everyone grieves in their own way and their own time. Your child may want to cry by themselves in private. Your child may not really understand what your words mean until their other parent doesn’t come home from work for multiple days or doesn’t show up to an important event; your child may then get sad when the reality of what you told them really sinks in. Do not try to force your child to grieve as you are; realize that it is a process and that your child will experience an emotional reaction on their own time-frame. #3 Do Not Transfer Your Anger If your spouse died because of what you consider a wrongful death, in addition to grieving, you may feel really angry about what happened to your spouse. Try to not transfer this anger to your children. Talk to adult friends or family members about the anger that you feel surrounding the circumstances of your spouse’s death, but try not to talk like this in front of your children. You can also talk to your therapist about the anger that you feel.  You don’t want your children to develop and have to deal with anger over how their parent died as well as their grief. If you decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, you can let your children know what you are doing, but try to frame it in a neutral manner. Your wrongful death lawsuit should not stress out your children; they already have enough to deal with. Talk...

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Five Financial No-No’s To Avoid During Divorce

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While you are likely already stressed out about your upcoming divorce, don’t allow yourself to make some bad financial moves that could end up affecting you and your children for a very long time. If you plan carefully and make good decisions during this time, you could help ensure a solid and secure financial future. Read on to learn about the 5 financial no-no’s to avoid during your divorce. 1. Fail to budget. Whether or not you have hands-on training in budgeting, you are facing a new financial situation with very different incomes and expenses. Take some time to do a realistic budget before your enter into a divorce agreement. You need this info ahead of time, before you make decisions about the deposition of debt and property. Take a close look at your new expenses and your new (one-person) income. The need to make other tough financial decisions like getting a job or selling your home can become more apparent with these calculations. 2. Desire for the family home. It’s only natural to try to stay in the family home, especially if you have children. No one wants the disruption that moving could bring, but you should take a careful look at the financial ramifications of this potentially expensive decision beforehand. Not only should you consider the mortgage payment each month, but the often overlooked expenses of the homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, repairs and maintenance. Did you know that the average replacement of a home heating and air-conditioning system can cost from $1,900 to $5,100? And, it should be noted, that price doesn’t include labor. 3. Failing to look at an asset’s true value. Some assets depreciate, or lose value, over time (such as vehicles). Some assets, however, may be more valuable than they may first appear. For example, that beach cottage may be small and run down, but failing to take into consideration the potential for a steady rental income for that asset could mean leaving serious money on the table. 4. Failing to address joint credit card debt. If you have a credit card with both of your names on the account, the creditor can come after you when your spouse fails to pay the bill. Make it a priority to pay off any jointly held debt prior to the divorce to save you from some financial heartache in the future. 5. Ignoring the financial benefits of a QDRO. A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) allows divorcing spouses to take advantage of a little known perk: the ability to withdraw retirement funds without paying a penalty. You can take a portion or all of the funds in your spouse’s 401(k) account and avoid penalties and taxes, as long as you “roll over” the funds into another qualified retirement account before tax day. For more information about financial moves to make during your divorce, speak to your divorce attorney. Contact a firm like Madison Law Firm PLLC to get...

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About Getting Legal Assistance For Bankruptcy

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Is it hard for you to save money because you owe so many creditors money? If the situation has gotten to the point of you having a difficult time taking care of your daily living expenses, filing for bankruptcy might be the best way to resolve the problem. However, sometimes there are better ways of resolving debts than filing for bankruptcy, so it is wise to get the opinion of a lawyer first. Take a look at this article to discover some of the ways that a bankruptcy lawyer can be helpful for your situation. Help You Decide if Bankruptcy is the Best Option The first thing that will be discussed during your consultation with a lawyer is your debts. You will also have to let the lawyer know how much net income you are bringing home with each paycheck. The main thing that the lawyer will figure out is how much money you are left with after paying creditors, rent, utilities, and any other vital expenses. If he or she determines that you are not that deep into financial bind, debt consolidation might be suggestions. Sometimes getting organized is all that is needed to get out of a financial bind. Discuss Your Bankruptcy Options You will have the option of choosing either Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy if you move forward with it. A lawyer will help you decide based on your income and your overall credit history. If you don’t have a satisfactory income, Chapter 7 is the best option because all or most of your debts will simply be forgiven. However, your credit will be left in a bad condition, which will take time to repair. If you don’t mind paying the debts off, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal. You can then take longer to pay off creditors, and your credit will be in better shape. Try to Help You Avoid Having to Sell Assets Once your lawyer has filed your bankruptcy case, you will be appointed a trustee to handle how debts should be handled. For instance, the trustee speaks with the creditors and decides which debts should be completely forgiven. He or she can also opt for selling some of your assets in an effort to satisfy all or a portion of the money that is owed to creditors. A lawyer like Gregory J Hermiller can speak on your behalf to help you keep your assets. Tell a lawyer about your desire to file for bankruptcy so the process can...

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Three Steps To Opening Up A Happening Hookah Lounge In Your Town

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If you have always wanted to be a club owner or manager but you are not built for the heavy nightlife, a hookah lounge is a great business that provides a perfect in-between. Becoming the owner of a hookah lounge takes more than having flavored hookah and seating. It is important to take care of all of the basics to set up a successful business. Here are three steps to set up a hookah lounge that will become the happening spot in town. Cushy seating and good ventilation When you are selecting the right building for a hookah lounge, you should look for a place that is near restaurants in a desirable part of town. People enjoy heading to restaurants or meeting up with friends in the city before going to a lounge. Cushy seating, including large sofas and high back, well cushioned chairs is perfect for enjoying a hookah. Ventilation is also important for a building that will be hosting a hookah lounge. Be sure that the building that you rent or purchase has proper internal ventilation will keep the guests happy.  Get a liquor license and hire a DJ Any good lounge will have a good aura. If you wish to have an enjoyable and relaxing scene for the over 21 set, you should get a liquor license and hire a DJ. Be sure to look up how to get a liquor license in your city and state so that you can prepare your lounge for the rules and regulations necessary to serve alcoholic drinks. Contact a company like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants to learn more. Along with liquor, hire a good DJ who can compliment your lounge. Depending on the vibe that you want the lounge to give out the DJ may play soft jazz or loud house music. A consistent DJ can help you bring in a consistent crowd.  Provide expedited customer service One of the biggst gripes of club goers is waiting to be serviced at a crowded bar. To encourage those who enjoy fast and good customer service to transition to your lounge, provide wait staff that will offer table service to those who sit at your lounge. You and any other owners walking around and making sure that the customers and staff are happy will provide updated customer service. This will take away the need for customers to stand around and it will make your personal staff less overwhelmed. Providing good service that emphasizes customer comfort can make your hookah lounge stand out from all of the other nightclubs in the...

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Answering Questions Concerning Auto Accident Cases

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Car accidents have the power to cause extensive injuries, damages, and other losses. Sadly, there are many individuals that may not understand how they should proceed following one of these accidents. When this is the case, it can be easy to make simple mistakes or oversights that may compromise your ability to receive full compensation for your damages. To help you be better prepared in the event that you are involved in an auto accident, you should understand the answers to some basic but important questions. Why Should You Have Your Initial Settlement Offer Reviewed By Your Attorney? In many instances, the other party’s insurance will approach you and quickly attempt to resolve the claim. However, it is important for you to be mindful of the fact that the insurance company exists to make a profit. As a result, their settlement offers are often unlikely to represent the full value of your claim. It is important to note that once you accept the settlement offer, you will surrender your rights to sue. To protect yourself against low settlement offers, you should always have the offer reviewed by an auto accident attorney. They will have the experience needed to better gauge whether the initial offer is fair for the damages that you suffered. What If The Other Party’s Insurance Policy Does Not Cover All Of The Damages From The Accident? In particularly severe accidents, it can be possible for your damages to quickly exceed the insurance policy limits of the other driver. When this is the case, it should be noted that you will likely need to pursue a civil lawsuit against the other driver. While you may not like the idea of pursuing a lawsuit, it is important to note that the other party’s insurance is only responsible up to the stated policy limits, which means that the other driver will be personally liable for any damages that exceed these limits. How Will You Pay The Court Expenses Of Going Through The Trial? It is no secret that pursuing a lawsuit can be an expensive endeavor to go through. Sadly, some individuals will let these expenses intimidate them to the point of being hesitant about pursuing the matter. Fortunately, it is common practice for attorneys to pay these expenses for their clients and take reimbursement once the case settles. This type of billing arrangement is known as a contingency fee, and it will allow you to pursue justice without having to pay out-of-pocket...

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