Want Out Of Your Marriage? 4 Reasons Why An Annulment May Be Right For You

Divorce can get you out of a bad marriage. However, there are some circumstances where divorce isn't the only option available for ending a marriage. If you want out of your marriage, you might want to discuss an annulment with an attorney. Annulment is the process of ending a marriage without going through a divorce. Once your marriage is annulled, it is as if the marriage never took place. There are specific requirements for obtaining an annulment. Take a look at a few of the requirements. If any of the requirements relate to you, be sure to talk to your attorney.

Your Marriage Is Based On a Lie or Deception

If you discovered a lie or deception shortly after getting married, you might be able to obtain an annulment. The lie or deception must be something that would have prevented you from marrying in the first place. Some types of deception include:

  • Discovering that your spouse is infertile when having children is important to you

  • Discovering that your spouse has a sexually transmitted disease

  • Discovering that your spouse has a criminal record

Your Marriage Was Not Consummated

If your marriage has not been consummated – you have not had sexual relations with your spouse – you may qualify for an annulment. A marriage is not legally binding until it has been consummated.

Your Spouse Was Already Married

If you discovered that your spouse was already married, you should discuss annulment with an attorney. You cannot simply walk away when you find out that your spouse was not legally available for marriage. However, you can obtain an annulment once you find out about the first spouse.

You or Your Spouse Were Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

If you or your spouse were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you got married, you don't have to remain married. You may legally have your marriage annulled if you or your spouse regretted the marriage once you both sobered up. It's important to note that being under the influence of drugs or alcohol doesn't automatically mean you have to have your marriage annulled, especially if you're both happy with your decision to marry.

An annulment will make your marriage null and void. If any of the previously discussed circumstances apply to you, be sure to sit down with an attorney (such as one from Bayer Jerger & Underwood). Your attorney will help you decide if an annulment is best for you.