Did Your Anti-Deoressent Medication Cause A Birth Defect? Get A Lawyer

If you were on an anti-depression medication while trying to conceive and your obstetrician recommended that you didn't stop taking it, and your child now has a learning disability, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. There are many different potential causes of the learning disabilities, or physical abnormalities and many anti-depressant medications have been linked to speech, mental and physical development conditions.

You want to take action quickly and meet with a personal injury lawyer to go over your malpractice suit. Here is the information you should have with you for your first consult.

Diagnosis from the Pediatrician or Specialist

Have your child's pediatrician or medical specialist write a statement with the condition that your child has, and what type of lifelong problems it could cause. You should also have the physician include what type of therapy and treatment will be needed to help the child, what could have caused the problems, and if your child could be affected by the medication permanently.

Proof of Medication Prescription

You should be able to get your records from the pharmacy you use for proof of the medication you were taking, how much of it, and for how long. With the prescription information it shows the medical professional that prescribed it to you. If you were apprehensive about still taking it but your obstetrician thought it was best, you have the information to show they gave you the prescription to take the medication.

Financial Statements

How much has the medical treatments for your child's condition cost you already? You'll want to get all of the bills from specialists and appointments outside of wellness visits that were a direct result of the problem caused by taking the medication. You want to get reimbursed for the costs you've already had to pay, and also for the future expenses you will have because of taking the medication.

When you are pregnant and your doctor tells you that it may be more harmful to your body to go off the medication being taken for depression, you trust your medical professional to make the right decision. If your child is now the one who paid the price, and they have a developmental problem because you took the medication, you need to hire a lawyer (such as Steven A. Crifase Ltd) and take action. You should get paid for not only your monetary stresses, but for the mental stress it has caused you, and the stress it will cause your child in the future.