Facing Drug Charges? 3 Tips For Those Seeking Alternative Sentences

If you're being charged for selling drugs or drug possession, you may be feeling worried about the results of your hearing. Since many people end up going to jail because of crimes related to drugs, it is something that you will want to take seriously.

Thankfully, the court does allow people to avoid jail with alternative sentences, such as community service, house arrest, drug rehabilitation, or probation. If you are hoping to get one of these alternative sentences, don't assume you'll be lucky when it comes to your sentencing. These tips could help you get the alternative sentence that you are seeking. 

Hire An Attorney ASAP

Don't make the mistake of thinking you are capable of handling your court case on your own. You should hire an attorney as quickly as you can. They can assist with navigating the legal process for you, as well as speak for you when it comes to seeking alternative sentencing from a judge.

The more time your attorney has to research your case, the more guidance they will be able to give you about what needs to be done. It's the best way to get the best defense possible.

Stop Using Drugs

You must kick your drug habit before your court date. You do not want to give your judge a reason to suspect that you're still using, and an additional drug charge will make it harder to seek alternative sentencing. A judge is also more likely to be forgiving if it is your first and only drug charge, and additional charges will show that you have not changed your ways.

In addition, sentencing such as probation will require that you take a supervised drug test and pass it. If you end up being offered probation and blow your chance due to having drugs in your system, you will definitely not have the judge on your side.

Document The Help You Receive

Taking steps to quit your drug use is important, but it is also important that you document all the help you receive. This includes receiving counseling about substance abuse, going to meetings for people struggling with addiction, or even going to outpatient rehab. Taking these steps will help prove to your judge that you're serious about making changes to your life, but if they are not documented, it may not mean much in court.

For more tips about reducing a drug charge to an alternative sentence, work with your attorney