Three Steps To Opening Up A Happening Hookah Lounge In Your Town

If you have always wanted to be a club owner or manager but you are not built for the heavy nightlife, a hookah lounge is a great business that provides a perfect in-between. Becoming the owner of a hookah lounge takes more than having flavored hookah and seating. It is important to take care of all of the basics to set up a successful business. Here are three steps to set up a hookah lounge that will become the happening spot in town.

Cushy seating and good ventilation

When you are selecting the right building for a hookah lounge, you should look for a place that is near restaurants in a desirable part of town. People enjoy heading to restaurants or meeting up with friends in the city before going to a lounge. Cushy seating, including large sofas and high back, well cushioned chairs is perfect for enjoying a hookah.

Ventilation is also important for a building that will be hosting a hookah lounge. Be sure that the building that you rent or purchase has proper internal ventilation will keep the guests happy. 

Get a liquor license and hire a DJ

Any good lounge will have a good aura. If you wish to have an enjoyable and relaxing scene for the over 21 set, you should get a liquor license and hire a DJ. Be sure to look up how to get a liquor license in your city and state so that you can prepare your lounge for the rules and regulations necessary to serve alcoholic drinks. Contact a company like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants to learn more.

Along with liquor, hire a good DJ who can compliment your lounge. Depending on the vibe that you want the lounge to give out the DJ may play soft jazz or loud house music. A consistent DJ can help you bring in a consistent crowd. 

Provide expedited customer service

One of the biggst gripes of club goers is waiting to be serviced at a crowded bar. To encourage those who enjoy fast and good customer service to transition to your lounge, provide wait staff that will offer table service to those who sit at your lounge. You and any other owners walking around and making sure that the customers and staff are happy will provide updated customer service. This will take away the need for customers to stand around and it will make your personal staff less overwhelmed. Providing good service that emphasizes customer comfort can make your hookah lounge stand out from all of the other nightclubs in the area.