A Golden Opportunity To Split Up

If you are like most, you just assume that couples that can stay married well into their golden years have the marriage situation all figured out. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. Divorce can happen at any age, no matter how many years the couple has devoted to their relationship. In fact, people in their later years have several unique issues that younger couples may not have to deal with. Read on to learn more about why your golden years could present you with a parting of ways with your spouse.

1. Time wounds all healing. Most couples put up with bad habits and bad behavior for a while, but at some point even the most patient are ready to give up. The passage of time can make it seem like you've been enduring your partner's issues for far too long, and just the realization that your time to take action and be happier is limited can spur you to file for divorce. If efforts to bring about change seems to have fallen on deaf ears, a legal parting may be in the works for you.

2. Health problems increase. Senior citizens today have unprecedented access to the best that medical science can offer, from drugs to screening tests to information about leading a healthier and longer life. That being said, it's only natural for aging to affect your health negatively, regardless of efforts to prevent it. Dealing with health issues can place stressors on marriages no matter how old you are, so you can imagine how it can affect older people as well. Seniors may find themselves dealing with sexual performance issues, declining mental and cognitive states, mobility problems, more doctor visits and hospitalizations and more. This can in turn to lead to stress and relationship problems that can kill a marriage.

3. Financial problems crop up. Once one or both of you retire, you may be facing some problems living on a fixed income for a change. The money you need to live on can be reduced, leaving less funds for fun stuff like eating out and travel, or for hobbies you have dreamed of pursuing once you had the time. Bad money habits like overspending can rear up and become more of an issue now that you are dealing with a fixed income, which can lead to a lot of hostility and negative interactions.

4. What to do? Retirees can find themselves at loose ends after working a lifetime, perhaps feeling that there's no need to even get out of bed anymore. Depression over such a big life change can impact your marriage in a big way, as can other bad behaviors that can happen due to boredom. Affairs, thrill-seeking hobbies and even addictions can impact retirees and crack their marriages wide open. If addressing issues in your long-time marriage have not been successful, it may be time for you to speak with a divorce attorney, such as at Cooper Levenson Attorneys At Law .