4 Situations When You Need The Benefit Of Legal Representation

There are many people that are hesitant to hire an attorney, but there are many situations in which you are hurting yourself without getting the benefit of legal counsel. The following are four situations when you need to speak to a lawyer.

1. You have creditors hounding you 

If you have debts piling up and you have creditors threatening to take you to court, don't hesitate to contact a bankruptcy attorney. The can bring the harassing phone calls to a stop and help you with your debts. Whether your debts are eliminated or restructured so you can pay them back, a bankruptcy attorney can bring debt relief to you. In addition, you may have assets that an attorney can protect.

2. You have been injured

If you are planning on filing a claim due to injuries you sustained in a car accident, on the property of a business or any other type of injury that may entitle you to compensation, you should first consult with a personal injury attorney. It is often the strategy of an insurance company to settle quickly before you have the benefit of legal representation. Once you have an attorney, you are likely to get all of the compensation you are entitled to and not just the amount that an insurance company is offering you.

3. You've been arrested

Oddly enough, many people think that under certain circumstances, they don't need a lawyer after an arrest. Often this is the case if they know they are innocent. After all, innocent people are never convicted of a crime. But this not true, and even if you are guilty, without a lawyer, you may end up with a punishment that is must greater than you would have had with the benefit of counsel. If you are ever placed under arrest, you should always decline to answer any questions and speak to an attorney.

4. You have been told you're the father

If a single woman has accused you of being the father of her child, you need to speak to an attorney. Obviously, there is always a chance that you are not the father. But if you hire and attorney, the entire process of establishing paternity will be done according to the law, and there will be a chain of evidence that is unbroken, so you can be certain that you are the father. And if the test shows that you are not the father, the court will exclude you as such. The entire paternity issue will end there. If you are the father, the courts will establish the amount of child support by a predetermined formula.

The situations above are only a few examples of what a law firm can do for you. Attorneys exist to work in your interest.