Why You Might Need to Hire a Probate Lawyer

Although it is great to put a will in place before death to make sure assets are properly handled, it can also cause a lot of drama for a family. Just because what is written in a will is considered legally binding and is designed to be carried out just as the deceased desires, it doesn't mean that it is unable to be contested. As the executor of an estate, it can lead to you feeling a substantial amount of stress handling such an important responsibility that is under conflict. Hiring a probate lawyer is a great direction to go when it comes to settling any conflicts that have developed so the matter can be settled in a cordial manner.

This article will help you decide if hiring a lawyer is something that you should consider as the executor of your deceased loved one's estate.

A Fast Resolution Can Save Money

If the conflict of the estate lasts for a long time in court, it can lead to a large amount of money being used. The money will come from the estate and whatever is left for the beneficiaries to receive. A lawyer will be able to settle a will as soon as possible to reduce the number of legal fees that are paid. Rather than a dragged out court battle, a lawyer can handle the dispute via mediation, which is also the most cordial way to go about handling the situation. The number of sessions that your family will need to attend depends on how soon everyone can come to an agreement about the estate.

Sometimes an Investigation is Necessary

Not everything that is written in a will is always genuine, as it isn't uncommon for signatures and words to be illegally falsified. For instance, if your deceased loved one let a single individual more money than the other beneficiaries, someone could have falsely changed it to be in his or her favor. If you suspect that such a crime took place, a lawyer can investigate the situation to get to the bottom of things. He or she can get the signatures and anything else that is in the will analyzed by a professional.

Final Debts Might Have to Be Paid Off

If there were debts left behind by your deceased loved one, it is likely that they will have to be paid out with some of the money that was left to the estate. A lawyer can help you figure out which of the debts must be legally paid off, and which can be left alone. Be prepared to provide the lawyer with any documentation that you have in regards to the debts. 

To learn more about how to handle your current situation, contact local probate law firms such as Wagner Law LLC.