Is Hiring An Attorney Focused On Trucking Accidents Worth It?

Within the legal field, the job of a truck accident attorney is a subset of personal injury practice. Some clients may wonder whether going to the effort to hire a truck accident lawyer is worth it. Take a look at 5 reasons why clients frequently choose to hire someone who specializes in trucking cases.

Understanding of the Physics Involved

Although a truck accident attorney is far from being a physicist or an engineer, they've spent a lot of time discussing these types of cases with professionals from those fields. Translating the math that describes the appalling forces involved in the accident of this scale to everyday English is critical. It helps clients understand what happened, and it's important when explaining incidents to claims adjusters, judges, and jurors.

Medical Knowledge

Once again, your lawyer isn't likely going to be a doctor. They will, however, have talked with enough doctors about the injuries involved in these sorts of cases to recognize issues they need to discuss with a medical professional.

This is an especially important part of the job because most large trucking accident awards hinge on catastrophic injuries. Working with medical experts, a truck accident lawyer can present the injury reports from EMTs, surgeons, and specialists in a way that makes it clear what happened.

Access to Expert Witnesses

As a truck accident lawyer develops their practice, they also develop a roaster full of expert witnesses. If an attorney needs to explain what would happen with a tanker full of solvents involved in an accident, for example, they can contact someone who has researched the topic for many years. Presenting expert testimony during depositions, at hearings, and in reports can be a difference-maker. It's hard to refute what a competent professional has to say, and adjusters and jurors tend to lend credence to highly-qualified perspectives.

Connections to Police

Lawyers also tend to foster relationships with the police officers who work in their areas. If an attorney has a question about an especially dangerous intersection, they can contact an officer from that area to learn what to look for. The lawyer can then visit the site and stand at the troublesome spots the cop told them to check out. Such investigations often yield photographic evidence showing what the trucker could or could not have seen at the time of the incident.


Many presentations in accident cases involve graphics or models. These allow the truck accident attorney to show how events unfolded, demonstrating how the operator of the truck was liable.

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