Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer? How To Tell

Things can get confusing after an accident. In many cases, accident victims need the expertise of a lawyer to help them get all they deserve. Some cases, however, may not require a lawyer's help. To help you understand what's at stake with this decision, read on and find out whether or not you need a car accident lawyer.

Don't Make the Decision Alone

Accident victims can be paid for their medical expenses and wrecked vehicle without speaking to a lawyer (as long as at least one of the drivers is insured). Many victims are owed so much more than that, however, and it can be difficult to know unless you make an appointment and talk things over with a personal injury lawyer. In many cases, you have nothing to lose since many offer a free consultation.

Signs You Have a Case That May Require Legal Help

  1. The accident involved more than two cars. Cases involving multiple vehicles tend to be complex, and you might end up being sued while you are suing another driver.
  2. You are not entirely without fault. If you suspect that the other driver will try and place some of the blame for the wreck on you, you will need to protect yourself by seeking legal help.
  3. The insurance company for the other side is asking for medical records that date to a prior accident or medical condition. They may be claiming your injuries did not come from the recent wreck.
  4. You are having problems with the insurance company. Your lawyer might need to send a few letters letting the insurer know that you have legal representation before they comply and resolve the claim.

Signs You Have a Case That Certainly Requires a Lawyer's Help

  1. Your injuries were very serious resulting in a hospital stay, surgery, physical therapy, and more. High medical treatment costs can equate to being compensated for pain and suffering, and that payment could triple your compensation.
  2. You are being offered a settlement but you are pretty sure it's inadequate. Once you agree to accept an offer, it's over and you cannot undo the deal. Don't sign anything without speaking to a lawyer. The other side is not on your side, and they have no incentive to be fair with you.
  3. You are offered an adequate settlement but the terms are confusing. Some settlements have the option to be paid in regular payments rather than a lump sum. Talk to a lawyer about the settlement before you make the wrong move.

To find out more, phone a car accident lawyer in your area.