Top Things An Immigration Lawyer Might Talk To You About When Helping With Deportation Defense

If you are at risk of deportation from the United States, you might be really worried about the situation. Because of this, you might be planning on meeting with an immigration lawyer so that you can hopefully get help with your legal situation. If this is the case, you should know that your attorney will probably want to talk to you about certain things so that they can work on a proper defense for you. These are some of the things that you might need to talk to your attorney about. By providing as much information as you can, you can help your attorney come up with the best possible deportation defense.

When and How Did You Arrive in the United States?

First of all, your attorney might ask you how long you have been in the United States. They might also ask you about how you ended up living in the United States in the first place. For example, if you initially moved to the United States because you had a work visa or some other type of visa, this is information that your attorney will find to be very important.

Do You Have Family Members in the United States?

If you have family members in the United States, this is information that you should share with your attorney. This information is particularly important if your family members are United States citizens or if they are otherwise in the United States legally.

Do You Have a Criminal Record?

Your attorney will probably want to know about your criminal record. They might ask if you have ever been in legal trouble in your home country, and they will also want to know about whether or not you have been in trouble in the United States. If so, you should provide information about your charges and the dates of your convictions. Older charges might not be looked at as negatively as newer charges, and the severity of your charges will matter.

Do You Have a Job or Business in the United States?

If you currently have a job or run a business in the United States, tell your attorney about it. If you are not working right now but have worked for part or most of the time that you have been living in the United States, this information is important as well.

Are You At Risk of Danger in Your Home Country?

Your attorney might also talk to you about what conditions would be like for you if you were to return to your home country. For example, if you feel as if you might be in danger if you are forced to return to your home country, then you should mention your concerns to your attorney.

For more information about building a defense against deportation, talk to a family immigration attorney in your area.