Things That Can Ruin Your Custody Case

One of the pertinent issues during a divorce is child custody. In some cases, the court will offer joint custody, while in others, one parent will have sole custody. While a family attorney can do so much to help your custody case, you need to conduct yourself in the right way to improve your chances of getting custody. Read on to learn more!

Failing to Pay Child Support

The court will instruct one spouse to pay child support in many divorce cases. Some parents try to punish their ex by violating the terms of child support. Failing to pay child support is one reason the court will develop an unfavorable opinion about you.

If you cannot pay child support because you are ill or do not have a job, you should ask the court to modify the child support payments. However, you should still pay the entire amount until the judge approves a modification. When you do not pay child support, your ex will file a motion, and you will be asked to pay back support and your co-parent's legal fees.

Violating the Terms of Visitation

In some custody cases, one parent might violate the terms of visitation. The court frowns upon people who keep their ex from seeing their child. The aim of child custody and visitation orders is for children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

The only time you can violate the terms of visitation is if the other parent is a danger to the child. For example, if the other parent is guilty of physical abuse. You should seek the advice of a family lawyer if there is an immediate threat to your child and you cannot commit to a visitation order.

Frustrating the Other Parent

The court expects you to cooperate with the other parent during child custody proceedings. Being ready for negotiations and resolutions will save you time and costs and show the court you're willing to do whatever is in the court's best interest. How you act towards your former spouse will lead the court to question your character and whether you are fit to obtain custody.

Therefore, do not send negative messages or make abusive calls when interacting with the other parent. Additionally, you should not get involved in another relationship. This is because your child may not feel comfortable living with your new partner. Wait until the child custody case is finalized before thinking of a new relationship. Furthermore, you should give your child sufficient time to adapt to the new living arrangement.