Entering A Business Contract? 3 Points When An Attorney Can Help

Are you entering into an important contract? If so, an attorney experienced in corporate contracts can help protect your interests. But when should you engage a lawyer and what elements should they assist with? Here are three points in the process when a lawyer can help. 1. Drafting the Contract If you haven't begun the work of actually writing up the contract, this is an excellent time to work with an attorney. [Read More]

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Estate Planning And Administering

Even if you are still young and healthy, you should consider estate planning to help your loved ones handle your assets after your passing. Naturally, no one wants to think about their eventual death, but being prepared now will reduce the risk of arguments in the future. If you would like to keep reading, check out these three commonly asked questions about estate planning and administering. 1. Do You Need a Will? [Read More]

Landlords Are Only Required to Take Reasonable Safety Precautions

Some injuries are unavoidable. Another tenant's dog might run out in front of you and cause you to trip and fall, and the landlord would not be responsible for any injuries that result. For this reason, the courts have certain requirements that must be met before your landlord can be held legally responsible. Reasonable Requirements Placed on Landlords Landlords are responsible for making sure that their tenants are safe. However, they do not have to take measures that are unreasonable, and the courts will take this into account when considering the liability of the landlord. [Read More]

How State Of Mind Fits Into Criminal Defense Law

A defendant's state of mind is often a part of a criminal case. For the prosecution, it might be used as proof that a defendant meant to do harm and understood the consequences of their actions. For a criminal defense attorney, it may be used as evidence that something different than the charges happened, including, potentially, something entirely non-criminal. Questioning what a person was thinking at the time certain events happened is a big idea with metaphysical overtones. [Read More]