How State Of Mind Fits Into Criminal Defense Law

A defendant's state of mind is often a part of a criminal case. For the prosecution, it might be used as proof that a defendant meant to do harm and understood the consequences of their actions. For a criminal defense attorney, it may be used as evidence that something different than the charges happened, including, potentially, something entirely non-criminal. Questioning what a person was thinking at the time certain events happened is a big idea with metaphysical overtones. [Read More]

How Families Should Legally Respond To Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are where elderly individuals go to receive care and stimulation. Abuse can take place at these establishments, which causes family members a lot of fear today. If your loved one is involved in said abuse, these legal tips will be pivotal in how you respond. Review Symptoms Carefully Once your family is made aware of the nursing home abuse, you want to carefully examine the symptoms that your elderly family member is now dealing with. [Read More]