Getting Divorced? What To Know About Legal Custody

Are you getting a divorce and need to figure out child custody? If so, you will definitely need to know how it works to have legal custody of a child. Here are some common questions that may come up during the divorce process. What Is Legal Custody? When you are deciding on legal custody, you are making a choice on which parents have the ability to make decisions about a child's life. [Read More]

Demand Letters: Just The Facts Please

Dealing with a motor vehicle accident can be difficult. You are likely dealing with your injuries, have no vehicle, are out of work, and are feeling frustrated and alone. It's usually only after you are trying to cope with everything that it dawns on you what is involved. For some victims, it's helpful to send a demand letter. This letter is used by personal injury lawyers to demand compensation from the at-fault driver's insurer. [Read More]

How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Minimize Complications In Your Head-On Collision Claim

The effects of a bike crash can be traumatic, especially for victims. Head-on collisions are usually unexpected and may occur when a liable driver makes mistakes that endanger motorcyclists' lives. The damages and losses you can suffer after such an incident can be pretty significant. If you don't want to handle the legal procedures while recovering at the same time, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. These attorneys understand the dangers bikers face on the road and can lessen the complications caused by your tragedy. [Read More]

3 Reasons Your Legal Advisor May Recommend That You File Chapter 13

A bankruptcy lawyer offers invaluable services to people who want to declare bankruptcy. One of their essential duties is to assist applicants in knowing the most suitable chapter for their situation. You can also consider seeking legal counsel to determine which chapter will offer the most financial relief. Your legal advisor will start by comparing chapter 13 and other bankruptcy chapters. They will explain that some people mainly fail to choose this chapter because it lasts a few years. [Read More]