Fireworks And Personal Injury | What Every Independence Day Celebrator Should Know

Every fourth of July, people gather in flocks to spend their money on sparkling, whistling, and colorful fireworks that will show off their pride of being a US citizen. Cities across the country host annual fireworks displays for residents and surrounding county residents. If you celebrate Independence Day like most Americans, there is little doubt that you will be dealing with fireworks or in their presence at some point. Even though these amazing creations can be a lot of fun, and even amazing to watch, there are a few things that you should know about fireworks when it comes to personal injury. 

If Someone Is Injured On Your Property By Fireworks, You Could Be Held Liable 

Fireworks are frequently a staple at backyard barbecues during the holiday, as it can be a special way to end the night with friends and family members. However, if you plan on providing a fireworks show for the attendees at your backyard event, you better make sure all safety precautions are followed to the letter. If a misguided bottle rocket takes aim at an individual or someone gets burned due to a runaway spark, you could actually be sued by an individual. In fact, many insurance companies will frown on at-home fireworks shows with other people because of this. But, some homeowner's insurance policies actually have additions that will cover firework accidents. However, if it illegal to set off fireworks in your state, this coverage could be void. If you plan to shoot fireworks at your home, keep a safe distance at all times

If You Buy Fireworks That Are Faulty, You May Have a Personal Injury Claim 

When you buy and use fireworks, you already know that you are playing with fire, so to speak. There is always a chance of injury of safety measures are not closely followed. However, if you have problems with fireworks that do not perform as they should and you end up injured because of it, you should definitely speak to a personal injury lawyer, like Daniels Long & Pinsel, about what can be done. For example, if you are traveling home with your just-purchased stash of fireworks and they explode in your car on the way home for no apparent reason, you may be entitled to compensation. This would be an obvious flaw in the manufacturing process that made the product dangerous for consumers.  

Fireworks during a Fourth of July celebration are just a natural part of the traditional celebration. However, when things go wrong with fireworks, a happy event can get serious really quick. If you have questions, or you have been injured by fireworks, be sure to talk to a personal injury lawyer about what steps you should take next.