9 Warning Signs That Mean You Need A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

When you are injured in the workplace, your employer likely has workers' compensation insurance which will cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. In order to ensure that you get properly compensated by workers' comp, you must must do your part by informing your supervisor about your injury right away and seeking medical attention immediately.

Once these two tasks have been taken care of, however, you may become concerned about the manner in which your workers' compensation case if being handled. You may be wondering if you should seek the help of an attorney to assist you in your claim. Read on for the 9 warning signs that it may be time to consult with a workers' compensation lawyer.

1.  You have been denied medical benefits and you have resorted to using your own money and insurance benefits to cover your medical treatment as a result of the work-related accident.

2.  Your employer is being uncooperative with your requests for time off to have medical treatments or for recuperation, or your claim is being disputed.

3.  You feel certain that your injury is severe enough that you may never be able to work at your job, or any job, again.

4.  You are not receiving the full benefits that you are entitled to from workers' compensation; for example, you are being told that you must return to work at least part-time in order to keep your job.

5.  Your injury was severe and resulted in surgery or a long hospital stay.

6.  Your have been advised by your doctor that full recovery from your injuries is unlikely.

7.  Your workers' compensation claim has been denied by your employer's insurance or your state's workers' compensation board.

8.  You feel overwhelmed with all the paperwork and the entire workers' compensation process feels confusing and stressful. You feel that you need the assistance of a professional to get fair compensation.

9.  You are afflicted with a mental health condition brought about by your job or you have a repetitive stress injury. These types of injures are more difficult to prove since they are usually the result of cumulative events rather than a specific event. For example, carpel tunnel syndrome can be caused by doing small motor assembly-line work for an extended period of time.

Time is not on your side when it comes to workplace injuries. There are strict time-lines associated with workers' compensation claims, so contacting an attorney, like the ones represented at http://www.ieworkerscompattorney.com, as soon as possible can mean the difference between a fair settlement and nothing at all. If you feel that the workers' compensation insurance company is not doing enough for you, contact professional legal help immediately.