2 Things You Should Know About Fraudulent Bail Bonds Agencies

Regardless of what you get in trouble with the law for, if you land in prison, it can be a frustrating and scary situation to be in, especially if you know you do not have enough money in the bank to post bail. Unfortunately, this uncomfortable state-of-being may lead you to make hasty decisions and let your better judgement fall by the wayside. Even though legitimate bail bonds agencies can be your saving grace in these situations, a fraudulent person acting as a bail bonds agency representative could turn out to be your worst nightmare. There are a few things you should know about these fraudulent individuals before you accept bail bond from a company you have never heard of.  

These Scam Artists are Known to Pose as Family Members 

Getting the chance to speak to a loved one who can help you make decisions about a bail bond and make the process happen can be very comforting. Unfortunately, scam artists who are looking to take advantage of your vulnerable state know this fact and may even try to act as a family member over the phone. Because a personal contact is necessary when you make an arrangement with a bonding agent, you should make sure that whoever you talk to is actually the person you think. Once you have spoken with a family member who called you in prison, make a follow-up phone call just to double check and never give your personal information to someone who you suspect is not whom they say they are. 

Legitimate Bonding agencies Are Well Known

If you get a call from someone acting as a bonding agent, the name of their company should be one that you recognize. If you have never had any experience with a bail bonds agency, ask around, either ask prison officials, other inmates, or your attorney. If the company is legit, it is likely that someone will have heard of them on more than one occasion. If a person who calls is stating they are from a well-known bonds agency, have your lawyer make a phone call to make sure that the call you received is actually from the true company.    

Legitimate bail bonds agents help people out of sticky situations all the time and they can easily help you out as well. Just make sure that you know exactly who you are dealing with over the phone before accepting an arrangement from anyone. Contact a local outlet, such as A Bail Now Bail Bonds, Inc., for further assistance.