Workers' Compensation Questions People Might Benefit From Having Answered

There are few events that have the potential to cause more financial harm than being injured while on the job. Luckily, the majority of workers are legally required to be protected by workers' compensation insurance policies. As a result, this is a topic that it may be wise to have a thorough understanding about.

How Long Do You Have To File Your Claim?

There is a legal limit to the amount of time that can pass before you are no longer allowed to file a worker's compensation claim. However, this time can vary greatly in each state. Regardless of the legal limit for filing a claim, you should always report workplace injuries as soon as they occur. This should be done even when you do not believe that you will need medical treatment. By taking the time to ensure that your injuries are documented, you can greatly strengthen your case in the event the insurance company attempted to deny your claim.

Is It Really Necessary To Retain A Workers' Compensation Attorney?

In many instances, you will find that a worker's compensation claim is a fairly standard procedure that results in your claim being processed and approved fairly quickly. However, there can be instances where complications arise. Often, these will stem from the insurance company denying the claim for dubious reasons. If you find that you are encountering resistance, you will want to retain an attorney as soon as possible. These professionals will be able to help you navigate potential trickery from the insurance company, and they can make sure that you take advantage of any legal tools or strategies to help ensure your claim gets approved.

What Can Happen If You Find Your Employer Did Not Have An Active Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy?

In some situations, you may find that your employer did not have active workers' compensation insurance at the time of your accident despite legal regulations mandating it. If you are unfortunate enough to experience this situation, you and your attorney should notify the local government body that regulates workers' compensation violations. These bodies have the power to discipline businesses that violate this mandate by issuing steep fines or potentially forcing the business to close. Furthermore, you may find it necessary to file a lawsuit against the employer to recover the full damages you are entitled. Filing a lawsuit against your employer might seem like a drastic action for you to take, but it might be the only way to force the business to pay for the cost of your medical treatments.

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