Stress and Strain: Filing a Stress-Related Workers Comp Claim

Many workplaces have become busier but have not hired more workers to keep up with the onslaught of work. If this has happened at your workplace, and you have had to do more work and work more hours, stress and anxiety are common problems that can occur. Unfortunately when this continues long term, you may find that you are physically and mentally affected by the amount of stress. In some states, this will allow you a workers compensation claim. Here is some evidence that you will need to gather if you are going to file a workers comp claim due to stress-related problems. 

Go to see a doctor and a psychologist

If you are having physical and mental issues due to stress, you will need to see your general practitioner as well as a psychologist. Your general doctor will be able to write up if your blood pressure is too high and if you are experiencing any other stress-related problems. A psychologist or a counselor will be able to speak to your mental condition. If one or both has deteriorated due to the high stress going on a work, this is support for your workers compensation claim. 

Proof of overworking or work changes

Though may people see working longer hours as a good thing, working too many hours can put you under strain. To help with a workers compensation claim, your workers compensation attorney will need to have proof that the amount of time and the amount of work that you are doing in your workplace has changed. If you normally handle a certain amount of accounts or if you normally work certain hours, you will need to show proof of your prior work versus the current workload. This will show the legitimacy of your claim. 

Show what you are out physically 

For most workers compensation claims, you must be hurt and unable to work or have an issue that bars you from the workplace. Stress-related illnesses can be included in this claim, as long as you can show just how you are affected. If you have been nauseous as a result of your overworking or if you have developed anxiety that causes attacks, these are things that will hold you up from performing your job. As long as these problems were developed on or because of the job, you will be able to file for a workers compensation claim due to work related issues.