Application Errors That Could Cause You to Be Denied Social Security Benefits

Applying for social security benefits can be complicated and require a considerable investment of time. As such, it's important to do things correctly so that you'll eventually be able to reap the rewards of your efforts. 

There are many potential application errors that could cause your application for social security benefits to be denied. The following are five potential errors you should make sure you avoid when applying so that you get the best possible results:

Trying to do everything yourself without hiring a lawyer

When you apply for disability, you're going up against the Social Security Administration. You need to know how to communicate with this government agency and navigate the complexities of disability law to be successful.

The most efficient way to handle your application is to work with a lawyer who is experienced with social security disability. 

Not having your lawyer review your doctor's statement

Remember that your doctor is a medical professional with no legal experience. Your doctor probably doesn't know how to best formulate a statement for social security disability approval.

Have your lawyer look over your doctor's statement before you submit your application. Your lawyer can give pointers on what types of information and statements your doctor should be giving to best support your claim. 

After you've talked your doctor's statement over with your lawyer, you can go back to your doctor for any necessary revisions if necessary. 

Leaving out details of your work history

You want to make sure you include any and all details about your work history. Leaving out any details—even details that seem inconsequential to you—could come back to bite you in the long run. 

If your memory has faded about particular details regarding your work history, look things up to make sure that you're as accurate and detailed as possible. 

Not following up with an appeal

An initial application for disability is likely to be denied. Only 36 percent of all initial claims are approved.

You need to follow up with an appeal if your initial application is denied rather than being discouraged and giving up. 

Not preparing for interviews in advance

You're probably going to have to sit through an interview with a representative from the Social Security Administration as part of your application.

You should prepare for this interview in advance so you answer all the questions thoroughly and appropriately. Ask your lawyer to go over a mock interview with you so that you know what to expect beforehand.

There are many obstacles you may come across in your application for social security disability. Talk to a lawyer like Bruce K Billman to assist you in the process.