What To Know About Common Law Marriages

Many people believe that two people living together for a certain length of time are automatically involved in a common law marriage. In fact, cohabitation is just one of several requirements that are used to determine the legality of a common law marriage. Read on to learn the full story about common law marriages. Common Law Marriage Guidelines Not everystate recognizes common law marriage, and even in those that do you must meet the requirements. [Read More]

Did Your Anti-Deoressent Medication Cause A Birth Defect? Get A Lawyer

If you were on an anti-depression medication while trying to conceive and your obstetrician recommended that you didn't stop taking it, and your child now has a learning disability, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. There are many differentpotential causes of the learning disabilities, or physical abnormalities and many anti-depressant medications have been linked to speech, mental and physical development conditions. You want to take action quickly and meet with a personal injury lawyer to go over your malpractice suit. [Read More]

Checking The Probate: Information You Might Find With A Probate Lawyer's Help

As an heir who stands to inherit something from your parents' estate, you may be curious about what you will and will not receive. If your parents choose not to share that information with you while they are still alive, it may be possible to have a probate lawyer check the wills for you. Sometimes the lawyer cannot disclose the details of the will so long as the testator (i.e., the owner/creator of the will) is still alive. [Read More]

3 Important Tips When You Have Been Arrested For A Second DUI

If you have previously been convicted or have plead guilty to a charge of DUI, which is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or a similar charge, a second conviction can put you in a very difficult position. For instance, it is fairly common for jail time to be required with a second offense, while your first may have required only probation, fines and other punishments that did not directly threaten your freedom. [Read More]